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Information Services provides computer support services to all departments within the County. The objective of the division is to enhance the productivity of the County’s operations while providing a safe and secure computing environment. All County sites are integrated with a dedicated high bandwidth LAN/WAN solution. Accessibility to applications and reporting can be accomplished transparently from any location.

 Guiding Principles

Goals​ ​
​Workforce Collaboration ​Enhance communications between the County Departments and employees
​Enterprise Training ​Assist the organizations employees to better understand and make use of the County's investment in technology resources
​Technology Proliferation ​Investigate, implement and maintain reliable information systems that optimize County service delivery
Effective Web Presence​ ​Provide constituents and businesses with efficient access to public information and services
​Continuous Improvement ​Exemplify an organization focused on continuous optimization and improvement in all aspects of delivery of services
​People First / Mission Always Mentality Focus On the Team:  Our people are our greatest asset. The right people, with the right skills are the key to success. Providing the team with leadership, guidance and a path for personal success invariably leads to organizational success.
​Build Trust and Understanding Relationships Matter:  We continuously work to build, and improve the strength of our relationships. Strong relationships embody trust, confidence and understanding. It must be understood as fact that Conduent's only operational goals are to work for the benefit of the County just as an internal team would do, only better.
​Do What's Right Behave Ethically:  IT is entrusted with inherent access to information and responsibilities. There must be no doubt that the IT organization is worthy of that trust. We will do what we say, and we will always do it to the best of our ability.
​Continual Optimization Embrace and Lead a Mindset of Continuous Improvements: Our underlying principal and main focus is to make all aspects of IT, our relationships, service delivery outcomes and County operations better today than they were yesterday.




Service Desk
Information Technology Operations
Help Desk SupportArchitectural Planning
Desktop ServicesCapacity Planning

Software Implementation

Wireless, Local, and Wide Area Networks
Asset Inventory and ManagementServer and Systems Maintenance

Call Center Operations

Remote Computing
Customer CareUnified Cummonications and Telephony
Customer RelationsDisaster Recovery
Storage Management
Data Center Management
Applications ManagementInformation Servicess Division Management
Custom Application  DevelopmentInformation Security Management
Custom Application SupportProject Management
Commercial Application Configuration Asset Procurement
Commercial Application SupportVendor Management
Report Generation and ManagementRelationship Management
DashboardsIT Contracts Management
Website DevelopmentIT Governance Management
Website SupportIT Personnel Management


Strategic direction for the County’s Information Services activities is provided by a Governance Model that links IT directly to the County Executives Cabinet through the Director of Adminstration.   Through governance adherence to the Strategic Technology Plan ensures that inititiatives and procects are prioritzed based on their value and ability to deliver the greatest benefit to County operations.

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