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 Record Alert System

The Northampton County Department of Fiscal Affairs announced that the Recorder of Deeds office is now offering a new Record Alert System for property owners in Northampton County. The Alert System is free of charge to anyone who would like to sign up for the service.


The Record Alert System monitors recorded activity against the name and parcel ID of a property owner. Those signed up for the program will receive real-time alerts from the recording vendor, LANDEX, whenever changes are made to their deeds, mortgages, or other recordable documents, whether legitimate or fraudulent. Businesses are also welcome to sign up for this service.


Northampton County property owners can register their property through the county website using their name, address, or unique parcel identifier here:

 Recorder of Deeds

The Recorder of Deeds division is responsible for the recording, filing, imaging, retrieval and maintenance of deeds, mortgages, and miscellaneous documents pertaining to real estate that are filed in Northampton County. Documents are processed through the use of a stand-alone computerized recording system and are assigned a volume and page reference number. They are then imaged and automatically sent to retrieval stations for viewing and copying. All documents are microfilmed and available for public inspection. The office responsible for collecting, recording, and disbursing fees and taxes on all property transfers.


The Recorder of Deeds office will only accept documents with the correct recording fees. If documents are submitted with an incorrect fee, the documents will be returned.

Recorder of Deeds Fee Schedule - effective NOVEMBER 6, 2023.  

Recorder of Deeds Document Standards are requirements that need to be adhered to in order to record all documents.

Parcel Ordinance 570 outlines the requirements for parcel numbers. The requirements that are in effect for certifying parcel numbers in the GIS (Geographic Information System – Mapping) and recording documents in the Recorder of Deeds office. The County of Northampton reserves the right to reject a document for parcel certification/recording if these requirements are not met. 

Parcel Number Format Notice Information
Parcel Number Formatting Information
School District and Municipality Codes

Website for remote dial-up services:
Website for Northampton County Assessment information:

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